Monday, March 15, 2010

Where to Eat: Sushi @ Kabuki

It was the $9 Chicken Teriyaki lunch combo that first got me hooked. Soup, salad, rice, shrimp and vegetable tempura and an entrée…all for under ten bucks?! That meal could easily feed a family of four, let alone a tiny little lady like myself. I felt guilty even ordering it, as the combo’s many plates mercilessly forced my friend’s lone sushi roll to the far end of the table.

Recession or no recession, there’s nothing like the feeling of getting your “bang for your buck,” and that’s precisely how I feel when I dine at Kabuki. Specialty rolls average around $8 and most entrees are under $15. Quality isn’t sacrificed in the name of lower prices, as what I’ve eaten has still been intricate, inventive and downright delicious. In fact, one of my favorite sushi rolls is housed here – the lotus on fire roll, a fiery blend of spicy tuna, lotus root and jalapeno slices, balanced delicately on a California roll.

So when I heard about the Must Try menu launched last month, I hastily grabbed my roommate and we booked it to the nearest Kabuki restaurant. We found eight new dishes to try and four classic beverages to sip. We ordered and waited. Our eyes widened as the Lasagna Roll, oozing with rich cheeses covering a traditional California roll, came to our table. Our mouths dropped as the Baja roll was placed in front of us. It was quite a lot to take in – salsa, spicy crab roll and spicy mayo – but it was good. Between sips of plum champagne, sake sangria and Apple saketinis, we sampled the Must Try menu well into the night, and at the end, were pleasantly pleased!

Top three choices off the Must Try menu: Lasagna Roll, Poké Tuna and the Baja Roll (pictured from front to back).

Drinks are reasonably priced, and compliment sushi rolls well. The Kabuki Signature Sake Sangria is refreshing.

Kabuki’s ambiance is invitingly casual and works for all occasions. I have gone here on dates, with family, with groups of friends and on work lunch breaks.

While my favorite Kabuki restaurants
are in Hollywood, Howard Hughes Center and Burbank,
find your favorite one at:

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