Friday, May 28, 2010

Where to Drink: Extended Happy Hour Bliss @ The Well

The Well could serve squid ink cosmopolitans, and it would still be one of my favorite watering holes. My irrational and blind loyalty to this Hollywood hideout stems from a love story: a good friend of mine actually met her future husband here one random night. And seven years later, I’m watching these two love birds live out the quintessential American dream, with a dog, a cute kid, an SUV and a white-picket fenced house in the Valley.

Romantic notions of finding my own personal Romeo may have propelled me into The Well, but the cheap, potent cocktails have summoned me back again and again. I love stopping by during the daily 5-9 p.m. happy hour when well drinks, house wines and delightful martinis are only $4. Ever so often, I’ll even splurge and order one of the specialty cocktails – like the $5 mango martini. With so many nearby establishments shamelessly charging $12 for cocktail, I look forward to spending less than ten bucks for two tasty drinks.

I’m also a fan of The Well’s ambiance: it’s chill, it’s relaxed, it’s modestly hip. In fact, reminds me of a cross between a cozy lounge and a down-to-earth dive bar, with dim lighting, sleek black booths and intimate hide-ways. This windowless, square-shaped bar is a welcomed relief to the surrounding saturation of overpriced, cookie-cutter, touristy traps that clutter the blocks of Tinseltown.

I’ve seen The Well in the afternoon, just before the crowds filter in and I’ve seen it when it’s been packed on Friday nights. I’ve seen love connections made here and really hot men in flannel shirts. But, the real question at hand is…will I see you there soon? Hope so!

Pictured below: The $5 Mango Martini: think less fruity, more alcoholic

Pictured below: Darkly handsome and rich in varying shades of browns…is how I’d describe The Well’s d├ęcor

Pictured below: Appetizers are competitively priced during happy hour as well, like this $5 basket of French fries.
Pictured below: Don’t forget to make a request on the jukebox! Tucked away in a corner by the entrance, it’s almost easy to overlook, but there’s a killer selection of songs from the 50s to present.
For More Information:
The Well  

1536 Argyle Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028



  1. memories of that convo... fun place for fun times!

  2. going to try this place out today, thanks for the recommendation!