Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where to Eat: The $50 Spicy Tuna Roll for Five Bucks @ Fat Fish

**UPDATE: As of 8/1/2011, Fat Fish has officially closed :( **

I distinctly remember savoring the best sushi in my life. My friend Jade and I were at a posh Beverly Hills restaurant for a magazine launch party, and platters of premium sushi rolls made their way around the outdoor patio. I gingerly plucked a spicy tuna roll into my mouth and almost passed out; the fish was so buttery, so rich, so divine. It literally melted in my mouth. I wistfully departed that party, knowing that I wouldn’t be returning until I could drop $400 on dinner on any given night. My heart broke at the thought of never tasting sushi that intoxicating again.

Fortunately, my heart didn’t stay broken too long. A few weeks later, Jade invited me to test out the happy hour at Fat Fish on Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood. We sauntered into the back bar area, a nonchalantly cheery space accented by sleek modern lighting fixtures, abstract artwork and a plush couch set. A crowd of fashion-forward yuppies checked us out and greeted us with slight nods of acknowledgment. We perched ourselves on stools by the bar.

Since everything was incredibly well priced – think $6 cocktails and ½ off $12 sushi rolls – we splurged. We stacked up on appetizers, specialty rolls and soku-infused margaritas. For the hell of it, I ordered a spicy tuna roll, although I honestly wasn’t expecting much. Well imagine the surprise that surged throughout me when that buttery piece of fish melted in my mouth, tasting so similar to the expensive fish I had cherished only days ago. Fat Fish’s spicy tuna was unquestionably comparable to the $50 roll. Only difference was, it was a tenth of the price.

For such a trendy restaurant on one of the trendiest streets in one of the trendiest neighborhoods of Los Angeles, what baffled me was how such a quality grade of fish was so inexpensive. But I didn’t dwell on it too long. Instead, I just regularly meet Jade there and order my beloved spicy tuna roll. Perhaps I’ll see you ordering one next time as well!

Pictured below: The infamous spicy tuna roll. A happy hour must!

Pictured below: The modestly calm yet vibrant back bar area, where happy hour takes place. Call in advance to reserve the couch area.

For more information: 
Fat Fish 
616 Robertson Blvd. 
West Hollywood, CA 
 310.659.3882 90069

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