Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Where to be Merry: Tuesday Reggae Nights @ Carbon

In the black darkness of the night, a structure shaped like a wooden hut surrounded by foliage protrudes. A stocky, somewhat menacing-looking bouncer nonchalantly guards the structure’s entrance, grunting before permitting anyone to enter. Inside, a dimly lit, narrow hallway leads to a one-room lounge area. Men the color of smooth ebony pebbles with neatly twisted dreadlocks hug the walls, while cinnamon-hued women with gracious hips sway coyly to reggae music. A figure slowly emerges from the shifting shadows, murmuring something barely audible in a thick island-accent…

Every time I step into Carbon on Tuesday nights, I swear I’ve been transported from Los Angeles to another country. Carbon’s physical address might be in Culver City, but its soul is far from there. The enthralling movies silently playing on the bar’s flat screen televisions that hail from West Africa… the patrons who hail from Senegal, Jamaica, Trinidad and Eritrea…the drum-heavy music that blasts from the speakers…all of these elements blend harmoniously together and are a testament to Carbon’s colorful roots.

Most, like myself, come to Carbon on Tuesday for this exact ambiance. It’s a beautiful thing to be greeted with “My wondrous Queen” and “My beautiful Sistah” by brothas who look like they stepped out of a casting call for the next Common music video. The rhythmic reggae – from Sister Mary to Beanie Man and Sean Paul – intensifies the electricity in the air, beckoning men to pull women towards the dance floor. Throw into the mix no cover charge, no hassle and cheap cocktails, and quite frankly, I see no need to ever go anywhere else but to Carbon on a Tuesday night.

Pictured below: A glimpse into Carbon from the entrance.

Pictured below: Carbon carries one of my favorite beers, Red Stripe. Most well drinks are strong and also cheap. They average around $5.

Pictured below: I know this photo is extremely dark, but it’s a shot of the bar area, where many couples to quietly sit and converse while people watching.

For more info:
9300 Venice Blvd.
Culver City, CA

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  1. I live near there and never knew about this place! I'll have to check it out...