Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where to Drink: Unlimited $2 Margaritas @ Tequilas

$2 margaritas. Unlimited. Need I say more? I was tempted not to write anything else, because in my opinion, you should be hooked at the $2 part. And if not at that, then definitely at the mention of unlimited. However, I do understand that these two factors alone might not wow everyone, so that’s why I continued to write, to elaborate on all of the many reasons I love Margarita Mondays at Tequilas Restaurant Bar & Grill.

Oh how I could spend hours upon hours counting all the reasons to venture out to The Valley on a Monday. First and foremost, Tequilas' delicious little margaritas are dangerously potent. After one, I’m slightly buzzed. Two, I’m slurring my words. I haven’t made it to three yet, but if I do one of these days (and miraculously still spend a whopping $6), I’ll let you know if I end up passed out underneath a booth.

Also, unlike many other restaurants that only offer discounts on the traditional margarita flavor, Tequilas slashes the prices for all of them. Coconut, strawberry, melon, watermelon…you name it – any flavor you like, it’s yours. And, as if it couldn’t get any more enticing, Margarita Mondays happen all day long, from open to close. That means no more rushing to leave work early to catch happy hour prices just before they end at 6pm. Plus if you happen to wake up one Monday morning craving a margarita with your breakfast instead of a mimosa or bloody Mary, you now know where to turn.

I could go on and on about these little margaritas, but I’ll stop now, and just let you taste one for yourself. Enjoy!

Pictured below: The $2 margarita, in a city where the average price for a cocktail is $12 and rising.

Pictured below: Tequila’s also serves Mexican food. EntrĂ©es are reasonably priced, averaging about $10 per dish.

Pictured below: The handful of Mondays that I have shown up, the tropically festive dining area has been somewhat empty. Not to fret: this translates into quick, attentive service and less time waiting for more margaritas.

For more information:
Tequila's Restaurant Bar & Grill
13627 Victory Blvd.
Van Nuys, CA 91401
**Also a location in Burbank**