Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where to Drink: One of the Only Neighborhood Bars in the Adams Area: The Cork

Do not visit The Cork as a dream destination; do visit if you just happen to be within a one-mile radius from it, and you’re in need of a few good drinks.

Do not visit The Cork if the thought of being patted down at the door repulses you; do visit The Cork if wearing whatever you like – sneakers, stilettos, flip-flops, white tees, suits, head scarves, etc. – sparks your interest.

Do not visit The Cork if shouting over the swell of bass-infused music bothers you; do visit The Cork if you feel like grooving to classic R&B hits like Sade’s “Sweetest Taboo” and Jodeci’s “Come and Talk to Me.”

The Cork is your festive neighborhood watering hole, with a personality that’s rough around the edges, but still pleasantly amusing and quite entertaining. It’s one of the only bars in the Adams area, thus attracting a myriad of returning customers ranging in age, profession and social status. I've seen men as old as my grandfather, groups of friends my parents' age and college kids who don't look a day over 21 sit side by side, jovially talking and enjoying themselves. Without a doubt, patrons - especially the returning customers - are unforgettable. Many have no problem approaching your table to strike up a conversation with you, whether you were looking to talk with them or not. All of this takes place in an eccentric yet simple setting, complete with poinsettias and Christmas lights adorning the main bar, pictured below.

I personally enjoy The Cork for two main reasons: the drink specials and the music. Like most dive bars, The Cork serves stiff drinks. One of the waitresses mentions she averages about 2 ½ shots per drink. During the Sunday-Thursday happy hour (from 12pm-7pm), Margaritas, Adioses, PiƱa Coladas, Long Islands and Long Beaches are only $7. If you stick around until 8:30pm, which you might as well do since you're already here, more discounts surface. The Sangria and Caipirinha, pictured to the left, drop down to $8. On any given night, the music selection is incredible. A jukebox quietly sits near the entrance, offering not only classic R&B hits, but new singles, too. I can’t help but sway in my chair when The Dream starts to blast, or even sing along when D’Angelo starts to croon.

Would I recommend driving down from Pasadena or somewhere as equally far to come to The Cork on any given day of the week? Probably not. But if you’re already on this side of town, stick your head in, order a happy hour drink and appetizer - like the Margarita and red snapper basket pictured below - and stay for a few hours to beat the traffic before heading onto the nearby 10 Freeway. See you there soon!

For more information:
The Cork
4771 West Adams Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016

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  1. love this post! i can't believe i've never heard of this place. good to know :)