Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where to be Merry: Partying @ Playhouse Hollywood

Quite frankly, I find the L.A. nightclub scene to be rather boring and a waste of my time. After partying in some of the most magnificent clubs in Las Vegas, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Paris and Madrid, it’s downright depressing to pay $25 bucks for nearby parking, feel my self-worth crumble as tall, model-like bombshells indifferently shuffle past me while I stand in line for an hour, pay a dub to enter and then wait in another line at the bar to pay another $20 for watered-down well drinks. Oh and then these places have the audacity to start kicking everyone out at 1:45 a.m. Really, Los Angeles, really?

So that’s precisely why Playhouse Hollywood is like a welcomed breath of fresh air in this wretched nightclub circuit. For the past year or so, this Hollywood destination has proven itself time and again that it is THE nightclub that’s truly worth all of the hype. Impromptu burlesque shows, bartenders who double as trapeze artists and a state-of-the-art light system that streams flashing lights every couple of minutes makes coming here an over-the-top experience. In other words, it makes your trip out of the house worth it.

What initially captivated me about Playhouse was the feeling I got upon entering – I didn’t feel like I was in Los Angeles anymore. At the entrance, a dark corridor eventually spills out into an expansive main room that comfortably holds almost 1,000 people, similar to Vegas' Tryst or Buenos Aires' Club Museum. Suddenly you’re under soaring ceilings and a serious sound system that steadily belts out Top 40 hits.

And it gets better. The crowd that packs the dance floor isn’t the typical douche-bag prototype so prone to the Hollywood Blvd. area. Dare I say that the majority of Playhouse club-goers are as friendly and social as they are beautiful, draped in their designer threads? I do.

So venture off to Playhouse on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights for a steady dose of eye-candy, amidst a great clubbing experience. It’s big, it’s bad, and it’s offering a whole lot more than those other clubs down the street are. You know where to find me next Saturday night!

For more information:
Playhouse Hollywood

6506 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028


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