Thursday, October 28, 2010

Where to Drink: Shhhhh! I’m Studying @ Bricks & Scones

I’m not one to be at a loss of words often, but Bricks & Scones leaves me speechless. To describe how this enchanting cafe arouses an excitement that builds up so rapidly, that by the time it reaches my throat, I'm fumbling my sentences, grasping for the right words, getting besides myself. I compare the feeling to how Mary Lennox must have felt in The Secret Garden after turning the key in the keyhole to unveil a magically curious new world.

A stone’s throw north of the bustling Larchmont Village, Bricks & Stones stands in the middle of a nondescript block of grey, bland, boring offices and houses. Clusters of shrubs and trees protectively hide what lies within the vicinity of this café, but a step through the entrance (to the left) reveals a splendid courtyard and a darling two-story converted house. Inside, flamboyant colors splash the walls lined with bookshelves. Twisted stairwells lead to hidden enclaves where patrons muse over textbooks, study guides and magazines.

Oh, the patrons. I’ve fallen madly in love with the clientele who languidly sprawl out over cozy leather couches in the main area (pictured below) – who furiously type on their laptops in between sips of lattes amongst outdoor tables. Intently studious, alarmingly friendly…They’ve made me feel connected to a bigger part of humanity. I’ve never felt alone here; I always feel as though I’m joining a community of writers, readers, intellectuals and sensitive souls.

I almost love them as much as I love Bricks and Scones’ snacks and beverages. Its namesakes – the scones – are delicious, as are the “carrot cake” cupcakes, filled with real carrots and nuts. But don’t try one until you’ve filled up with one of the various grilled sandwiches (pictured below). They are as incredible as they appear. Teas – from scalding hot to frostily chilled – compliment any meal or dessert, and the hot chocolates are a great energy booster for an afternoon devoted to reading.

So if you need a quiet place to venture for a nice cup of tea or coffee and to get serious studying and/or writing completed, you now know where to turn. See you there soon!

For more information:
Bricks & Scones
403 N. Larchmont Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90004


  1. I'm always there writing or doing business! See you there!

  2. Hey, I read your stuff in Made Woman. I am a friend of Serena's. This place looks incredible! Thanks for sharing! it actually makes me want to go to LA.