Friday, November 5, 2010

And Where do You "Where To"?: The Floacist

For another Nu-Soul Mag project, I interviewed the ever-so-talented Natalie "The Floacist" Stewart of the internationally acclaimed group Floetry.

We talked about her upcoming project Floetic Soul (released on November 9th!), her love of the arts and whether or not we'd ever see another Floetry reunion.

I had to sneak in a question about where she "Where To's" in Los Angeles. Check out what she had to say, then head over to Nu-Soul to read my interview with her!

Me: “You mentioned that you had recorded in Los Angeles. Is there any place that you like to go in Los Angeles, or a favorite place that you have? It’s my hometown, so I’m just curious.”

The Floacist: “Are you talking about places I like to go? Yeah, they’re pretty much all going to be food (laughs). I like Koi. I like, oh gosh, what’s the name of that great Japanese fusion spot? Koi is the Thai spot, and there’s another one – oh goodness, I can’t pull its name to my mind right now. There’s one in LA and there’s one in New York…”

The Floacist’s Manager: “Fusion Sushi.”

The Floacist: “No it’s not Fusion Sushi. But I do like Fusion Sushi in LA, but that’s not what I’m talking about.”

Me: “Is it Katana maybe?”

The Floacist: “It’s a three-letter word, but I can’t think of it right now, which means, you know, that you really love it (laughs). I just know what they make there. Their Japanese black cod miso club is just amazing... Gosh, what else do I do in LA? I like to hike in LA. I like to hike in California, get up in the mountains. Gosh, what else do I do? That’s pretty much it. I’m usually working.”

Me: “Well, I’ve only been to London once, but I remember going to the West – I think it’s the West End – where all the plays are. It’s a really great city.”

The Floacist: “It’s a pretty cool spot, London. It’s best to do, I think, with someone who knows the place.”

Me: “Right, right. Well thank you so much for your time – I appreciate it, really I do.”

The Floacist: “Thank you.”

(Circa 2005: Me, The Floacist, The Songtress, Lauren)

To read my Nu-Soul Mag interview with her, click here!

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