Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where to Drink: Springtime Cocktails @ Geisha House

Whenever I think about Geisha House, the trendy little sushi restaurant and lounge in Hollywood, I hardly think about the sushi rolls or the sashimi. Instead, what comes to mind is sipping sexy cocktails amidst a glamorously chic crowd in an extremely sexy atmosphere. Yes, there’s an impressive list of creative signature rolls and an endless selection of entrĂ©es that are as beautifully presented as they taste, but quite frankly, I don’t think anything on that menu can beat Geisha’s amazing cocktails.

“We make the cocktails to fit our environment, our vibe and our clientele that come in,” General Manager Travis Eichensehr informed me when I stopped by over the weekend. “They’re fun and they’re delicious and they stand on their own.”

And stand on their own they do. So many of these beverages have such bold, distinct personalities. And as we “March” into spring, I’ve taken the liberty to pick out the top three Geisha House cocktails that I personally believe embody the very essence of what this season is all about. The following drinks are revitalizing and refreshing, youthful and invigorating, jovial, carefree and wholly delicious. You have to order them at least once. Read on:

The Geisha Whisper: Spring is all about shedding the pounds we packed on during our winter hibernation in order to start prepping for the bikinis and trunks we have to squeeze into by early June. It’s the time for healthy lifestyle options, and with this drink’s abundance of muddled blueberries and cucumber slices, you’ll not only be getting a good dose of essential fruits and veggies you need to burn fat, but you’ll also be chugging down lots antioxidants to give you glowing, youthful skin.

The Fallen Sun: With its perfect balance of Ketel One Citron, Triple Sec, Chambord, lime and lemon juices, this sweetly smooth cocktail is reminiscent of lemonade with a twist, on a warm summer evening. Like Tyson Beckford walking a runway, this cocktail is as beautiful to look at as it is to drink. A masterpiece indeed!

The Hai: An exciting, adventurous blend of White Lotus Vodka, fresh strawberry puree, lemon and lime juices, sweet and sour, and a spritz of champagne on top. The chunks of ripe strawberries give the Hai a thrilling allure to it with each and every sip. It’s almost like sipping a smoothie spiked with a good amount of vodka.

So who conjures up such delectable delights? “It can be myself, it could be our beverage manager or it could be the owner,” said Eichensehr. “Maybe he was in Thailand and saw something that was inspirational or I was in Vegas last week and I noticed this new product. We’ll tie those things to those cultures to come up with these drinks. It could be something new tied in with something traditional and seasonal from Japan.”

Partaking in all of this drinking will surely cause you work up an appetite, in which there are several options that nicely compliment these three fabulous cocktails. The Maguro Mango is light and refreshing, featuring thin slices of buttery tuna topped with colorful mango and a tangy mango chile sauce. The popular Maguro Spicy Taru-Taru Crispy Rice is a personal favorite of mine. The spiciness of the tuna and the crispness of the rice pleasantly stands in stark contrast from the sweetness of the drinks. Both of these appetizers are pictured to the left.

Having sipped on such exquisite cocktails and indulging in such appealing appetizers, I left the Geisha House completely satisfied. Well, almost satisfied. In Wilson’s Guide fashion, you know I had to ask Eichensehr: What’s his drink of choice? Did he love the Fallen Sun as much as I did? Was there another one he favored even more?

He faintly smiled and responded: “My favorite is The Jozen, a premium sake. It’s a little drier, it’s a little sweet, but it’s very clean at the end of the palate.”

Well, there you have it. It looks like I only reached the tip of the iceberg with my infatuation with Geisha House’s cocktails. Now it looks like I’ll be back to try the sake as well!

See you there soon!

For more information:
Geisha House
6633 Hollywood Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90028



Miss Wilson’s Tips:
- Aside from cocktails, Geisha House has an extensive list of whites, reds and sakes.
- With a live DJ and a vibrantly bubbly atmosphere, you’ll feel as though you’re in a lounge on Friday and Saturday nights, while on other evenings, it’s more subdued.
- Don’t overlook the sushi bar area! It’s also a great section to dine and enjoy a few beverages.

**A big shout out to photographer Juan Enriquez for his stellar photography skills! Check him out at http://www.eclecticstate.com/. :) And if you want to read a more in-depth exchange with GM Eichensehr, read my article at Haute Living Los Angeles.**

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