Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where to Eat: The Coffee Shop Experience @ Pann’s Restaurant & Coffee Shop

Just south of Slauson Blvd. is the actively bustling intersection of La Cienega Blvd. and La Tijera Blvd. If you’re familiar with that area, you’re probably know about the Ladera Center's Ralph’s, the eccentric Starbucks or Magic Johnson’s T.G.I. Friday’s. And if you’re like me – a commuter who happens to drive down La Cienega Blvd. – you’ll most certainly know about the ghastly bumper-to-bumper traffic that builds up and refuses to budge during rush hour.

Yet there’s another special landmark not to be forgotten: Pann’s Restaurant & Coffee Shop. Its pale yellow sign and abstractedly shaped building have a tendency to blend into the background of the urban setting; I’ve driven by this diner thousands of times without so much as giving it a second thought. But once you’ve had a taste of Pann’s appetizers, entrées and/or desserts, it will be impossible not to incessantly think about this place.

In a nutshell, Pann’s has just really good American coffee shop classics. Whether breakfast favorites like “Rena’s Favorite” (half a waffle, two chicken wings and two eggs, pictured to the right) or lunch/dinner specials like the smoked ribs, you can’t really ever go wrong with a pick. Whatever you’re in the mood for – breakfast or lunch, pork, chicken, beef or vegetarian options – Pann’s got it and knows how to make it perfectly. And don’t forget to save room for a shake at some point!

As memorable as Pann’s food is, its physical space is just as intriguing. One step into the diner, and it’s apparent why it’s been recognized by the prestigious Los Angeles Conservancy, featured in films like Pulp Fiction and included in the Los Angeles Magazine’s 2008 “Best of LA” section. Set amidst ceiling-to-floor windows and lush, tropical trees, the diner’s Googie architectural design style is apparent in everything from the shape of the booths to the countertop and stools in bar area (pictured to the left).

Pann’s is to Ladera Heights what Mel’s Diner is to Hollywood. It’s rich in history and abundant in scrumptious selections. It’s the timeless tale of the American dream come true: two Greek immigrants relocate to California to realize their aspirations of offering delicious food to the masses. Thus Pann’s emerges in 1958 to take off and never look back. So the next time you’re in the mood for the coffee shop experience on the Westside, you know to check out Pann’s!

For more information:
6710 La Tijera Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90045


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