Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where to Be Merry: Lounging @ The Falls

What makes the perfect lounge?

In my humble opinion, the perfect lounge shrewdly takes the best elements from bars, restaurants and nightclubs, and seamlessly blends them together to create a magical, wonderful place to enjoy friendly crowds, quality cocktails and awesome music.

And, in my humble opinion, The Falls in downtown Los Angeles is truly one of the best lounges out there. It has the sophistication of a classy restaurant, without its snootiness…the laid-back soul of a dive bar, sans its decrepit appearance…a sizeable area to dance like in a nightclub, minus the uber annoying, rambunctious partygoers. Plus there’s ample seating, both indoors and outdoors. After teetering around in my 6-inch stilettos for like, 20 minutes, I am beyond grateful that I have multiple seating options: at the bar, at a booth (pictured below, to the right), at one of the numerous high-top tables that line the walls, on the patio.

The patrons help make this place great as well. It’s so diverse. You’ll find every kind of Angeleno here, sipping on The Rustic cocktail and dancing to the infectious music blaring from the speakers: blacks, whites, Latinos and Asians; dudes with designer suits, baggy jeans and hipster skinnys; chicks with stilettos, flip-flops and boots; business owners, hustlers, playboys and 9-to-5 white collar workers. But most importantly, everyone here is surprisingly friendly. I’ve met so many interesting, comical characters here who have randomly approached me and we've turned out to have amazing, hilariously entertaining conversations.

I recommend The Falls when you're looking for a chill yet classy place that embodies the essence of what a lounge is all about. Come with friends, or come alone because trust me, you’ll make friends by the end of the night, without a doubt.

See you there soon!

Miss Wilson’s Tips:
- When to go: Each night features different genres of music. I’ve been on Thursdays with 93.5 KDAY’s DJ Prophet and on Funk/Soul/Breaks/House/Love Saturdays. Both nights are good, but Thursday night is my fave!
- When to Drink (for cheap): The weekday Happy Hour starts at 6pm, and features select $6 cocktails, $5 well drinks and $4 beers. There’s also a “$5 beer and shot” special.
- What to order:
The signature cocktails are soooo strong and soooo delicious. Don't waste empty calories on a well drink here. Go for the big boys – like The Horseshoe or the Mai Tai.

For more information:
The Falls

626 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014



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