Friday, June 3, 2011

And Where do You "Where To?": Joe Buys

A couple of months ago after attending the BRKN RBTZ concert at The Roxy, I snuck upstairs to the On the Rox venue for “Spring Jam 2011,” a special music showcase put on by Yoo-N-LA Magazine. As I crept through the dim hallway and meticulously climbed a flight of steep steps, I remember hearing a low, rumbling flow of words, accented by live hip-hop infused drums, guitars and bass.

I was let out into a cozy bar area where a handful of guests slowly sipped cocktails and gathered in groups. And in the center of the room on the stage shrouded in the bright spotlight, I had a clear view of the source of the energetic, silky verbal rhythms I had heard on my way in: it was Joe Buys. In an understated black tee, jeans and fresh kicks, he passionately spit line after line, verse after verse. His persona, his musical style, his delivery were all as smooth as whipped butter, as he seemed to effortlessly articulate each word with artistic precision. Talk about a performance! Before I even knew his name – or the name of his song for that matter – I found myself swaying and nodding to the music. He was just that good.

After the show, we met. Did the whole networking thing and swapped business cards. And if I was ever so impressed by his musical capabilities, I was even more astounded with his lively, joie de vivre spirit and his charming personality. He was so warm and gracious, so easy to laugh and crack jokes with.

So if I was ever so amazed by his personality, I was really taken aback by his “hustle.” Before the sun had even risen the next day after the showcase, I had found a good-humored email in my inbox from him. And throughout the following days, everything he promised to get to me, he delivered swiftly and professionally. Committed to his craft and willing to put in the work both on and off the stage? Now that’s rock solid.

With all this said, I wish him the best of luck and can’t wait to see where he goes in the future. In the meantime, check out where he likes to hang now that he's an L.A. resident. And of course, don’t forget to check out his music, website and blog. It’s all soooooo dope!

See you at his next concert!

Miss Wilson: Where is your favorite spot to go in LA?
Joe Buys: You can pretty much find me where the food is. I’m kind of a homebody. If I go out, it’s usually for music purposes – maybe like the El Rey, obviously The Roxy, but I’m pretty chill as far as the undergrounds spots. Like this is kind of my scene. Or I’m just posted up watching hoops at the crib.

Miss Wilson: Who’s your favorite team?
Joe Buys: Well I’m originally from Michigan so I’m a Pistons fan. The Pistons are my team. But I like all hoop! I like the Lakers, the Clippers... pretty much, I just like good basketball.

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Twitter: @JoeBuys

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