Friday, August 12, 2011

And Where do You “Where To?”: Photographer Jeremy Lee

Time after time, studies have proven that there’s a direct correlation between your exposure to the sun and your level of happiness; the more sunshine you receive, the happier you tend to be.

So it’s no wonder that with Los Angeles’ 73% average of sunshine each year, people are so darn chirpy here. Aside from the occasional (and understandable) bouts of road rage, for the most part, the strangers I’ve met tend to be painstakingly kind. I’ve had some fondly pleasant conversations with my fellow Angelenos in atrociously long DMV lines, in gut-wrenching cycling classes…in cramped LAX terminals... in tiny doctors' offices…

And my chance encounter with photographer Jeremy Lee was no exception.

At a ?uestlove DJ set earlier this year at Central Social Aid and Pleasure Club, we struck up a spontaneous conversation. Emanating an energetic joie de vivre, this Seattle native quickly engaged me in a great discussion, and we talked about everything under the sun from cross-country to techie stuff. And it wasn’t too long before I had gained a valuable nugget of information: he was a blogger like me!

We exchanged a “let’s do guest blog posts” similar to how you might throw out the “let’s do lunch” these days – as a friendly gesture, but more out of politeness than anything else. Yet after checking out his blog, I really – and I mean really – appreciated his in-depth coverage about the beaches, the SoCal lifestyle and the current issues that affect our beloved city.

So a guest blog post was indeed born! Read on to learn more about Jeremy, his photography adventures and of course, where he “where to’s” in the city. If you’re ever in the mood to find the best beaches to hit up this summer, I say head to for some recommendations.

See you at a beach soon!

Jeremy Lee

Age: 24

Seattle, Washington


Why he moved to L.A.:
“After graduating in 2010 from The University of New Mexico I was wandering around in a state of limbo. Even though I had earned my degree and received my teaching license, I developed a disconnect from my long time dream to become an educator. The market for teachers isn’t so hot right now, no doubt in thanks to the struggling economy.

“I was looking to make a big change in my life…

“I have always been intrigued by this dream that is ‘California’ and I have this thing in my soul that screams and jumps for joy when I am near the ocean. When I step into the sand and hear those waves crashing my heart just melts. Plus, as the art and culture capital of the world, I saw the perfect opportunity to pursue something that has remained a constant passion in my life…Photography!”

Best L.A. neighborhood: “I have been living in Downtown LA the past 3 months and have enjoyed every day, it’s a constant adventure. Santa Monica is lovely too!”

Best place to eat in L.A.:The Sidewalk Café at Venice Beach. They serve my favorite beer, Blue Moon, on tap! You are literally a few steps from the sandy beach and you get to enjoy entertaining street performers as you munch and drink away!”

Best place to drink in L.A.:
Broadway Bar Downtown. Cheap drinks, great crowd and the dance floor is poppin every week!”

Best place to “be merry” in L.A.:Pershing Square Park Downtown. This is one of the most beautiful spots in the heart of the city. Young, healthy city trees offer shade to the crisp, green, well-kept grass. You’ll find it doubles as a mid-day bed for everyone...”

On a typical Sunday afternoon, you can catch him at:
“The beach, with pen, paper, microphone and camera close by. Soaking up the California sun, and interviewing locals about their opinions and experiences here in SoCal!"

What he misses the most about his hometown: “I miss my friends for sure…”

What he loves the most about L.A.: “I love the weather, the ocean and beaches, the beautiful women, and the wild passion for the arts everyone seems to share here.”

Why he blogs: “I want to share all the things I love about SoCal with the world. The weather, the beaches, the beautiful women and that wild passion for the arts everyone seems to share here! It would be selfish of me to keep all the amazing adventures I experience here locked up for no one else to see."

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