Friday, September 9, 2011

And Where Do You "Where To"?: Contest Winner!

Last week I introduced a little giveaway/contest, asking everyone to email or tweet me his or her favorite Los Angeles summer destination, so that I could give a complimentary Dinner for Two at Vu Restaurant in Marina del Rey to the entrant with the best pick…


…We have a winner: 

it’s Matthew from Hermosa Beach!

Matthew won because he truly knew how to eat, drink and be merry, and he had the photographic evidence to prove it, and he took advantage of it all summer long and, it was economical yet still fun. Congrats on finding such a great summer destination! 

Here’s his pick:

“My favorite place to hang this summer was at the free Hermosa Beach Summer Concerts on the Beach. Every Sunday a group of us packed our chairs, a cooler w/cheese, crackers and fresh meats from the deli and rode our bikes to Hermosa Beach to set up a picnic while enjoying live music. We appreciated the event not only because it was free, close to home and had a beautiful sunset, but because it was something to look forward to before heading back to work on Monday.”

Congrats again to Matthew – I hope you enjoy the dinner! 

A few other noteworthy giveaway/contest entries that rolled in throughout the week are listed below:

-       Zakiyah: One of my favorite restaurant's is Natalie Thai on Venice Blvd.  I can't remember the name of the cross street, but it's right next to Smart & Final.  My favorite dish there is Disco Shrimp, they also have a fab soup with lemon grass, and mushrooms.  Shrimp can be added to the soup.  I used to purchase it when I felt a cold coming on and would feel so much better.”

-       Tracie: “My favorite place to hang this summer was any restaurant on the beach.  I love the ambiance of the beach lifestyle.  I love hearing the wave crash in and out and the salty smell of the ocean.  Also you can't beat the beach for people watching.  There are people there of all shapes, sizes, nationalities, and persuasions.  It's an cultural anthropologist dream!”

-       Serena: “My favorite place to hang out this summer was a place recommended to me by Miss Wilson herself. I attended a networking event at Capital Grille and was overwhelmed by the great ambiance and the great people. The appetizers were delicious and the bartender hooked me up with a concoction I had never tried before. I ate and sipped while watching the sun set over Beverly Hills. So lovely. The best part was that the Capital Grille was located at the Beverly Center and I had never even noticed it! Thanks Wilson's Guide!!”

-       @_jennalee:@WilsonsGuide Spent most of our summer at @ParadiseCove w/tasty food,drinks,amazing view,tide pools&beautiful wildlife” 

       @_jennalee's photo: 


Thanks to everyone who participated – look out for the next giveaway/contest soon!

-Miss Wilson

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