Thursday, November 24, 2011

And Where Do You “Where To?”: 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Edition

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: 

I am not ashamed to admit that even I don’t know every single amazing place to eat, drink and be merry here in the city. 

That’s why for the 2nd year in a row, I’m doing my Wilson’s Guide “Thanksgiving Edition,” where I’ve asked my fellow bloggers, writers, creative minds and movers-and-shakers in the LA area to share where they “where to” – to let us know those the places that they’re thankful for and just simply can’t live without. These are people I’ve met over the past year (like The Minty) or that have started new ventures since last year (like Marque of That’s Rude Comedy).

So sit back, enjoy, read, eat tons of turkey today, and then check out one of these highly recommended destinations. Perhaps I’ll see you at one soon! 

Room 050 Graphic/Web Designer Ernest Alfonso says: “My favorite bar/lounge is Rush Street in Culver City. I have been going there for three years and that place simply treats me like a king. From the security, servers to my favorite bartender Steve, Rush is my personal favorite place that I am thankful for! The drinks are always strong and the food is pretty good. The Rush burger is my favorite burger served at any restaurant. During the week its great to lounge and watch whatever featured sports game is on and on the weekends it gets crackin’, all the good looking people come out and party!”

Jennie of The Happy Hour Tour declares: “I am thankful for Bodega Wine Bar, the most comfortable bar in LA to enjoy a glass of fresh wine. It's a place that proves that you don’t need to be fancy, have a reservation, or be on a list to have a nice glass of wine. It's just a fun place to have a good time whether on a date or catching up with friends or chatting with the amazing staff, who I've become friends with outside of the bar. It's become my Cheers and I am thankful for that.”

That’s Rude Comedy says: “We're thankful for Koffea Coffee shop in Koreatown. Creative drinks, nice couches and round tables, speedy wireless; all that good shxt that helps our meetings run smooth.”

Actress Madia Hill says: “I’m super grateful for SHIKI SUSHI and their lunch special! $7.95 gets you two different rolls, Miso soup and salad. Its located in Studio City.”

The Minty says: “The place where I find myself over and over again is Drago Centro. I first started going when my office was across the street. If I wasn't there for lunch, I was there for happy hour. If I wasn't there for happy hour, I was there for dinner. But let me explain- ‘happy hour’ isn't just limited to a few hours every night. The bar menu is available all day, all night! You can try $5 cocktails, $4 pizzas and a number of assorted bites. It's the same high quality the lunch or dinner menus from the genius of Chef Celestino Drago and his right hand Chef de Cuisine, Chef Ian Gresik. If you want to find The Minty, find her at Drago Centro.”

Photographer Jeremy says: “I am thankful for the beauty of Los Angeles. I like to be merry on my favorite hidden hiking location; Canyon Fire Rd. in the hills of Topanga Canyon State Park. The peak of the trail overlooks a fantastic view of Santa Monica, Hollywood, Downtown LA and even as far south as Catalina Island on a clear day. Bring your hiking shoes and be prepared for a climb! Roundtrip for the view described above is around 8 miles, but oh so worth it. :)”

Looking for more ideas? Check out last year’s Wilson's Guide Thanksgiving post!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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