Sunday, December 18, 2011

Where To Be Merry: Eating, Drinking and Socializing @ The Churchill


 “The lines between inside and out blur,” Brian, an old friend/former colleague/fellow blogger, murmured. 

“Yes,” I nodded my head. “You’re absolutely right.”

We casually stood on the second level of The Churchill, intently gazing out towards the bar area on the bottom floor. A petite lady curiously glanced at us as she walked by. A gentleman, who might have been a waiter or a manager, warily watched us after we stood in the same position for more than a mere moment in time.

“But no, no, no,” I impatiently shook my head. “It’s
more than that.”

“What else?” Brian prodded.

“It’s…it’s…” I struggled to find the right words that would properly describe what this place was. After a few moments, it struck me:

“It’s like we’re in a loft, in downtown,” I finally spewed out. “It feels as if we’re 18 stories above ground, looking out onto Spring Street...or 7th Ave.”

Brian digested what I had just proposed. Finally, he said: “You’re absolutely right. That’s it. Downtown vibes and blurred distinctions between indoors and outdoors. I like it. There you go.”

Satisfied, we skipped down the stairs lined with tea candles to exit and be on our merry ways after a lovely weekday dinner at this new L.A. gastropub.

The Churchill recently opened in October, and while it may only be blocks away from the Beverly Center, after one step inside, it’s rather quite easy to imagine that you’ve been transported to downtown. It’s the brick walls, the exposed steel beams and the worn industrial windows. It’s the menu of old-fashioned artisan cocktails and the antique knick-knacks, similar to the ones that you’d find in The Varnish or The Edison. Yet while The Churchill has the charm and nostalgic quaintness of downtown establishments, it also proudly boasts the refined amenities that come with a Westside address: ample valet options, cheery, bubbly storefronts and pedestrian-friendly streets, even late at night. I liked it immediately.

But just like how I struggled to figure out what this place reminded me of, I struggled to place it into a specific “where to eat,” or “where to drink” category, since it has such spectacular drinks and unique food options, plus a very vibrant social scene. So I figured “screw it” and threw it under the “where to be merry” description!

Get your drink on at the bustling bar area where bartenders skillfully crafting cocktails like the Clementine, pictured to the right, a sweet blend of triple sec, vodka and other fruity flavors. Chow down in the dining area, on items like one of my favorites, the duck pizza with caramelized onions, fresh parsley and a balsamic drizzle, pictured below…Partake in the whole lounge experience upstairs, where I’ve seen many couples and groups of friends cozily bundled up on a leather bench or in a booth, engrossed in their conversations. And I can’t fail to mention the outdoor dining area, where eating, drinking and lounging seem to harmoniously coincide, amidst a delightful fireplace, potted plants and inviting booths.

OK, so I don’t mean to sound shallow, but between me and you, The Churchill also packs a good-looking group of people as well. If it’s not the waiters whisking food to tables in their dapper attire, it’s the patrons in their crisp button-downs and latest fall boots. Everyone seems to know how to dress, as if that’s an unspoken requirement for entry. The first time I was ever invited here, I mean, as much as my octopus salad and charcuterie spread kept my eyes dancing with joy, I couldn’t help but sneak peaks at the hot waiter who kept the dishes flowing.

In a nutshell, I go to The Churchill for those times when I’m looking for a downtown vibe, but still feel like staying on the Westside. Or those times when I want to catch up for hours with an old-time friend like Brian, in an inviting, comfortable atmosphere, paired with quality cocktails and unique dining options.

So the next time you’re looking for any of these like myself, I highly recommend The Churchill. Perhaps I’ll see you there soon! 

Miss Wilson’s Tips (So you know “What’s Up” when you go): 

- The parking deal: valet is available, or scramble to find limited metered parking on 3rd Street and the surrounding streets.
- Where to sit: Try the outdoor patio at least once. Glass walls connecting the patio to the rest of the gastropub allow you to see the action going on inside, all while soaking in the action happening on the street.
- Open for breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner. Take that, take that!
- Ahhhh, there’s a late night happy hour, too, beginning at 10pm.
- Photo booth. On the 2nd floor. Do it.
- Fun, friendly fact: The Churchill is actually the second establishment for Beau Laughlin and Brett Cranston, the creators behind the West Hollywood popular spot, The Hudson.

For more information: 
The Churchill
8384 West 3rd Street 
Los Angeles, CA 90048 


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