Sunday, March 18, 2012

Where to Drink: Parisian Cocktails @ Perch Los Angeles

The Drinks: Jacques Collins, Marie Antoinette, Le Libertine…All French-inspired

The Vibes: Gorgeous!!!

With-Whom-to-Go: Very fun for small, medium and large groups, and definitely a date spot

The $ Factor: Mid-range; cocktails average $10

The 4-1-1: A Parisian-themed bistro, 15 stories above the ground, right in the heart of downtown

I’ll Be Back…: For ritzy cocktails and live music Wednesday and Friday evenings.

On my first visit to Perch, I was irritated that the elevator was out of service, forcing me to hobble up two flights of stairs with a hip injury. And I was slightly frazzled because I had to limp all crazily through the main bar area when I couldn't immediately find my party. 

But once I stepped onto the outdoor patio, my grumpiness instantly melted away.

 It was love at first sight. 

There was this quirky French music that set a romantic mood. I thought it was a soundtrack until I saw a trio of musicians tucked away in a corner that looked like they could’ve been right out of a scene from the Titanic. Then there were the strings of lights hanging in the trees, softly swaying in the wind. And the view was incredible, with dozens of skyscrapers and their glittering windows enveloping us. It was a quaint, intimate world of browns and beiges amongst the massive downtown skyline. 

Surprisingly, there’s not as many rooftop bars/lounges/restaurants in downtown Los Angeles as one might expect (shocking, right??). So I didn’t realize how much I had been missing one until Perch debuted this past fall season.

If I had to describe Perch in one word, it would be “breathtaking.” Now that could have something to do with the stairs I hauled myself up the first time I went, but I’d like to think it’s also because it exudes such fabulous French charm. It has this warm, feel-good kind of ambiance. Plus at every turn, there are so many unique seating options: by roaring fireplaces or by one of my favorite spots, right next to the glass balcony, completely facing towards the buildings. It literally feels as if you’re floating “in the air.” 

So let’s get down to business about the important things: the menu. I love everything about the cocktails, from their names (i.e., the Rusty Snail), to their presentation (some arrive in Collins glasses, others in saucers), to their taste (ranging from sweet to sour, strong to light). One of my favorites is the My Fair Lady, made with quinoa vodka and which is ridiculously smooth.

I’d say the food is definitely more on the eccentric side. You won’t find simplistic chicken, steak or salad options; instead, think French – frog legs and duck. And think extravagant – many dishes incorporate lots of ingredients, such as my Moules (mussels), pictured to the right, which arrived in a silky broth with tomatoes and a mound of herbs.

Quite personally, I’m loving Perch for its ambiance, its unparalleled views of downtown and its fabulous cocktails. It’s definitely one of the places I’ll be frequenting as we approach warmer months, so who knows? Perhaps I’ll see you there soon!

For more information: Perch; @PerchLosAngeles 

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