Sunday, April 22, 2012

And Where Do You “Where To?”: Singer/Actress Brely Evans, Part 2 of 2

Last week I brought you Part One of a 2-part interview with the charismatic singer/actress Brely Evans. She opened up about her exciting professional career in Hollywood, which includes working with Shirley Murdock and starring in the Sparkle movie remake, debuting this summer. 

Now that we got all of the “business” out of the way last week, this week, I’m bringing you the “good stuff,” Part Two, which is all about where she “where to’s” in LA and around the world!

Miss Wilson: We’re at Viceroy today, which I understand is one of your favorite places?

Ms. Evans: Yes, I love Viceroy because when I come here, I feel like I’m out of the country. I’ve had the pleasure to do a lot of traveling, and this is one place that when I walk into the door, I forget I’m in LA. I feel like I’m somewhere else. The décor, the friendly staff…the food is amazing, the drinks are great. I just love being in a place that exudes high society and high class, yet still has a real urban side to it, where it’s attainable. 

Miss Wilson: Favorite coffee shop? 
Ms. Evans: Urth Café. I’m not really a coffee drinker, to be honest, so I get the green tea latte. And please, don’t cheat yourself – treat yourself! Get the biggest cup they have. They put this little pretty design on the top and it just tastes like frothy heaven going down your throat [laughs]. And they have some great desserts as well. Great sandwiches, too. Paninis and things like that.

Miss Wilson: Favorite place for a great view of the city?
Ms. Evans: Reed Between the Lines is a new show on BET and they had a screening at this beautiful place, the SoHo House. Can I tell you that if you ever get an opportunity to be invited to go, go. It is amazing in there and the view is amazing. It’s really high up. The food was great and the theater; they have red velvet chairs that lean back and you get your own little table for your drink and hors d’oeuvres. Oh, and it also has a footstool – your chair has a little ottoman. But until I become a member or get invited again, I’ll have to put that one on my dream board!

Miss Wilson: Favorite place to go on a great date?
Ms. Evans: Great dates to me could be renting some bikes on Venice Beach and riding all the way down to Redondo Beach. That’s a great date. No place in particular, but being near the water and being outside. Those are great dates for me. 

Miss Wilson: And to see some eye candy? 
Ms. Evans: Gosh, this is LA, girl! You see eye candy everywhere! I mean everywhere. There’s not one place in particular I can tell the ladies where you can go because if you’re going there, I might have to beat you there. I don’t need any pretty competition ‘cause I’m single [laughs]! But everywhere in LA, there are beautiful people. You can go anywhere. To a restaurant – you can go to the laundry mat. It’s all over LA. I don’t know about that one [laughs].

Miss Wilson: And what about a favorite destination? Not even necessarily in Los Angeles?
Ms. Evans: I had a chance to travel on the Amalfi Coast and we were there ten days. Oh my god. The South of France is amazing. If you ever have the opportunity – and even if it’s not on a 100-foot yacht for ten days like I was – get there. It’s just [sighs]… It’s breathtaking. Greece is a beautiful place as well.

Anywhere that you have to use your passport to get there, I say go. I don’t care where. Just get out of here. And if you don’t have a passport, get one so that you can be prepared when the opportunity presents itself.

Miss Wilson: Great! Well that’s actually all the questions that I have. Did you have anything you wanted to add?
Ms. Evans: No, none other than I want to reiterate that I want everyone to use their gift – to use their gift to inspire the world. If you’re just living to yourself and for yourself, you’re not living your best life. You’re only living your best life when you can inspire somebody to live theirs. So that’s it. I just want to make sure that I’m always giving that out whenever I get an opportunity to share.

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Editor’s note: The interview has also been edited and condensed for reading ease. 

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