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And Where Do You “Where To?”: Fashion Designer Luka Prado

For a brief moment, let’s go back to February’s 2012 Pre-Oscar Gala Presented by Chivas & Styling the Modern Man that I attended with my good friend Tulani. While moseying along one of the pampering stations, we ran into boots. Beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous, one-of-a-kind boots.

As we stared with our mouths wide open, touching them, holding them, pinching them, the owner – and creator – of these boots walked up to us, with a big, friendly smile.

He goes by the name Luka Prado, and he was about as captivating and original as his collection. There was a quiet, almost shy aura to him, but once he began talking, he radiated such contagious charm and energetic excitement that we couldn’t help but want to learn more and more and more about his unique past and his promising future.

T. and I probably took up entirely way too much of his time, badgering him with gazillions of questions. After about 20 minutes of asking him everything that we could think of (How long have you been a designer? What’s in store for the spring? Where can we buy your shoes? I love your accent – where are you from? You speak how many languages? What do the tattoos on your arm mean?), it dawned on me that I should really feature an exclusive interview with him on my blog...

 And thus this post was born!

Read on to find out more about exactly who Mr. Prado is, his style and just why you should cop a pair of his boots, too!

Miss Wilson: Let’s start with where you are from?
Mr. Prado: Brazil until age 7, Leon Mexico until 17, moved to Los Angeles at 17.

Miss Wilson: From our previous conversation, I know you still travel to Mexico and Brazil a lot. How do the fashions there differ from in the United States, if at all?
Mr. Prado: Yes I love traveling to Brazil and Mexico. Brazil is not so much focused on brands - they have their own sense of style and comfort. Mexico, I like a lot. It is more focused on color and art, which I'm focused on bringing these two influences into my collections and into the U.S.

Miss Wilson: In your opinion, which city has the best fashion sense, and why?
Mr. Prado: New York, the fashion capital of the world. I like how everyone dresses from head-to-toe chic, showing independent style and high fashion into every day life.

Miss Wilson: What’s your take on the state of fashion today?
Mr. Prado: I love every style, I don't want to limit anyone to just one type of style or look. I want to keep everyone as a true individual. Fashion is a cycle but I want to do something new that has never been seen before.

Miss Wilson: And who is Luka Prado the designer?
Mr. Prado: Luka Prado is a young designer who is trying to make his dreams come true and bring his culture into his designs.

Miss Wilson: What is the Luka brand?
Mr. Prado: The Luka brand is an accessory collection, with a focus on leathers mixed with unique materials such as metals and studs.

Miss Wilson: What is the signature Luka brand’s look?
Mr. Prado: Right now it is a little more urban and edgy mixed with a lot of leathers and colors. But that could expand to become more classic and elegant also.

Miss Wilson: How did you get the brand off the ground?
Mr. Prado: I first created everything in my garage and started giving some stuff to my friends and then I began making guitar straps which turned into me making more and more accessories. Then I met Owen [de Vries] who wanted to fund mass production and launch the brand into online sales.

Miss Wilson: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
Mr. Prado: Everywhere I go there is inspiration, sitting at the coffee shop or just walking around with my dog and camera capturing moments that lend to inspiration for designing.

Miss Wilson: Will there be expansion into other types of clothes/materials, i.e., shirts, denim, etc. in the near future? 
Mr. Prado: Yes definitely, I'm looking to combine leather with fabrics. Jackets, hats, and wallets – expanding into much more.

Miss Wilson: What would be the biggest accomplishment you would like to achieve for Luka in your lifetime?
Mr. Prado: I would love my brand to be in many stores worldwide and to be part of the most recognized Fashion names in the world.

Miss Wilson: Who would you like to work with in the future?
Mr. Prado: I would love to work with new upcoming designers, combining new and different ideas of fashion, bringing it into today's world. I want to discover people the way I was discovered.

Miss Wilson: What’s your favorite piece for this season – from your brand?
Mr. Prado: Leather Jackets and Bags, but I love everything in my new collection. My favorite boot is the California studded boot.

Miss Wilson: If you weren’t a fashion designer, you would be a…?
Mr. Prado: Secret Agent, working for the government.

Miss Wilson: In Los Angeles, where do you go for the best drinks?
Mr. Prado: Village Idiot

Miss Wilson: Go for the best nightlife scene?
Mr. Prado: Cobras and Matadors

Miss Wilson: Find the best late night food?
Mr. Prado: Toi on Sunset Blvd.

Miss Wilson: Have the best brunch?
Mr. Prado: Toast on 3rd

Miss Wilson: Go to be inspired?
Mr. Prado: Coffee shops, museums, walking around the city with my dog

Miss Wilson: Have as an all-time favorite place to hang?
Mr. Prado: Chateau Marmont

A BIG THANKS to Mr. Prado for answering all of my questions - I enjoyed the interview!

For more information: World of Luka, Facebook & Twitter  

Photos by: Tulani Watkins

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