Sunday, May 13, 2012

Where to Drink: Endless Mimosas (and really good food) @ Sunday Brunches

(This officially marks the 1st post in a series that will highlight notable brunches in LA!)

What makes a Sunday brunch memorable? 

Is it the food? The ambiance? The crowd? The entire experience? 

For this first post in a series of “Where To Brunch” posts, I’ve narrowed it down to one simple response: endless mimosas.

The following three restaurants all have great endless mimosa options, in addition to lively atmospheres and of course, stellar brunch picks. Check them out! 

Endless “Fun” Mimosas @ Overland Café: I don’t know what it is about this tiny Culver City café on Overland Ave., but it's always soooo much fun. The line is always long and it’s always packed, but it always has a jovial, festive ambiance. Everyone’s in a good mood, and it’s easy to see why, when we’re talking about the café’s fantastic American-style comfort food and endless mimosas, always quickly refilled. Bottle after bottle after bottle of champagne is dropped at your table once you finish one off – no questions asked – so you never have to wait too long to pour another round. The only slight drawback is that there is a two-hour maximum limit for sitting at a table. But quite honestly, I don’t know how much the rule is enforced because when I’ve visited, I’ve brunched at my own pace and left when I wanted to, never feeling pressured to go. But then again, I’ve never kept track of time either, so perhaps my stays have been under two hours. Either way, just something to be aware of. 

Endless Flavored Mimosas @ Lola's: green apple, pear, mango, blueberry, strawberry…these aren’t seasonal fruits that you’ll find in a breakfast fruit bowl at this West Hollywood’s café; these are flavored mimosas. We all know Lola’s for its killer martinis, but it also offers an endless mimosa brunch, with nine different mimosa flavors to pick and choose from. Some, like the mango, are subdued. While others, such as the blueberry and green apple, are more distinct and truly stand out. Needless to say, it’s fun to figure out which one you like the best, especially when you can get all the mimosas your heart desires for $16 (single glass = $6). 


Endless Cheap Mimosas @ El Torito, Manhattan Beach: Crazy to believe that all El Torito restaurants don’t serve Sunday brunches, but that’s OK because the Manhattan Beach location does! $15.99 gets you access to a Mexican buffet of favorites like enchiladas, a taco station, an omelet station…and of course, servers who pour champagne upon request at no additional cost. Make your own extraordinary mimosa by selecting which juice to mix with your champagne from the juice station – standard O.J., the tropical Jamaica Juice (which I do recommend) or horchata (haven’t tried that one yet. Maybe on the next visit). Now here’s the deal: there might *technically* be a limit on how much champagne you can order (two glasses? three glasses?), but if you just smile at your server and make small talk here and there, then those refills tend to keep coming. At such a low price for all that’s included – endless food, endless champagne – it’s really a steal. 

Enjoy these “endless mimosa” brunches, and look out for another post 
on brunch spots in Los Angeles soon! 

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