Sunday, September 16, 2012

And Where Do You “Where To?”: Michael Fererra

Not too long ago, I introduced Michael Fererra on #WilsonsGuide as a guest blogger.

Already an established fashion designer and well known as much for his custom clothing designs as for his charismatic networking skills, Mr. Ferrera’s latest accomplishments include becoming a writer.

He recently published The Perfect Gentleman’s Pocket Guide, a phenomenal read that candidly and sophisticatedly explores precisely what it means to be a true, proper gentleman (fellas, take notes; ladies, know how to pick out a real, bona fide gentleman).

And lucky for us, Mr. Fererra is also sharing his writing skills with us through a guest blog post!

Here is his "Where To" recommendation, worthy for all you dapper fellas – and gentleladies – BOA Steakhouse:

"The Gentleman's View: Great

Go here for: Drinks & Appetizers, Date, after work meet up or Lounge nightlife

Cost: $20-$60 a dish

Meal portion: Small relative to price

Crowd: 28-40s

Attire & Style:
Dress shirt. Jacket recommended. Jeans appropriate.

Noise level:
Loud with guests and music

Parking: Valet Only

If you live in LA you've heard about it, and if you're planning to visit LA you will.

One of the more trendy lounge and dining spots as of recent here in the city of Angels, or technically Hollywood. Just off of the Sunset strip, across the street from major bank buildings and corporate offices, BOA is a great spot for drinks and light appetizers. But don't miss out on the great food, it's actually a steakhouse.

The place is known for its live lounge atmosphere, the beautiful fireplace patio and the often spotting of a few Hollywood celebrities.

Fortunately, I got to enjoy the food without the noise and the crowd with potential clients. On the plate: steak and fries, the classic man's meal. Wonderfully prepared with crispy fries (which is a requirement for me), the food was fantastic. Ladies will not be disappointed either with lighter foods, fish and tapa-style appetizers I noticed on the menu.

The only bad, which is not really a bad, is that BOA is very trendy, popular, and a big deal right now in Los Angeles. The wait might be long but if you're not drastically hungry, it’s worth it. Another way to enjoy the food is to sneak in for lunch with no wait. Opt the sit on the patio by the way. It’s fresh, seriously.

You will for sure enjoy the great food prepared by the chefs at this restaurant BOA. You won't be disappointed with the lounge after six environment or even into the wee hours of the night as well. But be prepared for the Hollywood red-rope delays. Unless of course you have reservations, which I highly recommend. Enjoy!"

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

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