Thursday, November 22, 2012

And Where Do You “Where To?”: 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Edition

Every Thanksgiving, I like to take a break from all of the complaining, moaning and groaning to spend 24 hours giving “thanks” for all of the places that we’re thankful for.

Since I’m always sharing my favorite spots each week, on this day (and this day alone), I call on friends, associates and industry folks to in turn share their picks that they’re ever-so grateful for.

This year, I’m doing it a little differently and compiling a list of picks from people that I’ve interviewed throughout this year so far. There were soooooo many intriguing recommendations, that I thought they were noteworthy enough to mention once again.

So please, read on, and if you’re inspired to do so, drop a note in the comment section on what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday as well.

See you at one of these places soon!

Brely Evans, Singer/Actress (Sparkle) 

Where She “Where To’s”: “I love Viceroy [Santa Monica] because when I come here, I feel like I’m out of the country. I’ve had the pleasure to do a lot of traveling, and this is one place that when I walk into the door, I forget I’m in LA. I feel like I’m somewhere else. The décor, the friendly staff…the food is amazing, the drinks are great. I just love being in a place that exudes high society and high class, yet still has a real urban side to it, where it’s attainable.”

Donnie McClurkin (GRAMMY Gospel Singer)  
Where He “Where To’s”:  “Oh yes, there is some place that I do go. I go – there are two places that I go to find peace, to find fellowship and camaraderie. I go to West Angeles Church of God in Christ and I go to City of Refuge in Gardena! Those are the two places that I go, when I am here to find escape, relaxation.

Because if I go to West Angeles, ain’t nobody going to bother me there! I’m not Donnie McClurkin there. I’m just Donnie. If I even go to Gardena and I go to Noel Jones’ City of Refuge, ain’t nobody going to mess and ask to sign no autographs. Because we’re all in there worshiping together. Those are my getaways. It’s not a beach. It’s not a restaurant. It’s not a museum. It’s West Angeles Church of God in Christ and the City of Refuge in Gardena.”

KD Aubert, Actress (Turning Point, Percentage) 

Where She “Where To’s”: “You know, I’m on this weird vegetarian kick right now and I don’t really know where it came from, because I started it right before Thanksgiving, which is really weird, and then I went even further and did the organic raw. So the SunCafe. But, I had a steak the other day, so I don’t what I am now [laughs]. And then the other thing is, it’s like, I have favorites and I have different genres. Like for Jamaican food, We Jammin’ is the best, but then my friends own Coley’s, so I probably shouldn’t say that [laughs].”

Luka Prado (Fashion Designer) Where He “Where To’s”:
For the best drinks: Village Idiot
For the best nightlife scene: Cobras and Matadors
To find the best late night food: Toi on Sunset Blvd.
To have the best brunch: Toast on 3rd
To be inspired: Coffee shops, museums, walking around the city with my dog
All-time favorite place to hang: Chateau Marmont 

Aleya Desne, Executive Chef & Owner (Culinary Princess Catering) 
Where She “Where To’s”: “I love Pete's Cafe in Downtown LA. It may not be ultra swanky, but the food is great and the environment is comfortable. Plus, I have a crazy schedule and they are open really late.”

George Blodwell, Gen Lux Editor and Fashion Stylist

Where He “Where To’s”: “I like the Petite Ermitage. I like Chateau Marmont. And there’s a little place in the Valley I like to go called Tony's Darts Away. It’s a vegan bar that has lots of different homebrews – different beers and vegan food. I’ve been vegetarian for 40-odd years. I love being at home and having lots of good friends over, some celebrities and such. I’m a stylist. I dress people and I’m editor of fashion magazine, so I get around [laughs].”

Brook Turner, Writer/Filmmaker (Thankful for a Million, One Day Too I Go Fly) 
Where She “Where To’s”: “I know what you’re thinking: 'Art Walk only happens once a month.' Well, you’re right. However, a number of these galleries hold regular hours and will open up if you make an appointment. My favorites include: drkrm and Robert Reynolds Gallery. drkrm has more traditional prints and Robert Reynolds Gallery has a number of installations. The work displayed in both is bound to get your creative juices flowing.”

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