Tuesday, March 26, 2013

And Where Do You “Where To?”: An Evening of Fashion + Libations @ The Chivas Brotherhood's "The Art of the Suit"

Last March I covered a Chivas-sponsored Pre-Oscars gala, and I was beyond excited to cover yet another Chivas Brotherhood 1801 event last Thursday. The brand is hosting a plethora of private tastings almost every night until next Monday at its 1801 Club in Hollywood.

This time around, I covered “The Art of the Suit” soiree, a swanky invite-only event in collaboration with Modern Man, Artful Gentleman and Blind Barber. Highlights of the night included complimentary haircuts for men, displays of tie collections and evening gowns, a sultry jazz performance by Jill Lamourex, and of course, free-flowing Chivas-based cocktails.

But by far, the best part of the night for me was hobnobbing with guests on the black carpet. They ranged from film directors to recording artists and actors and journalists and even WWE wrestlers, but they all had a few things in common: they knew good fashion, good libations and good L.A. bars and lounges:

Terrell Tilford
Executive Producer of Broken Roads; Actor in TV series Single Ladies

Fave Spring Piece: “You know, although it’s springtime, especially here in L.A. or all my travels, I get a little bit cold anyway in the evenings, so I like a light scarf. A light silk scarf or just a nice, lightweight cotton scarf or something like that. That works for me.”

Fave Libation: “It really depends on the mood of something, but any night, a Cabernet for me. A full-bodied Cabernet always works fine. A Louis Martini, something like that. Maybe a bourbon sour as I’m getting dressed. Or I may switch it up for like a gin gimlet. I’m an equal opportunist across the board.”

Fave “Where To Drink” Destination:
“My favorite bar is actually at home, but my favorite restaurant, I have a number of them. A friend of mine, Andre Royo, he and his wife run a restaurant called Canelé that’s in Atwater Village that’s really great. Eva, which is on Sunday nights, right up on Beverly. Terroni on Saturday nights – great southern Italian over there. So I kind of make my rounds at a few other places.”

Alicia Fox
WWE Wrestler and Model

Fave Spring Piece: “I love the really crazy cuff earrings. I don’t know if they’re so new for this particular season, but I’ve seen them evolve into more of an artistic statement. I think that jewelry can either make or break an outfit, and I think the ear cuffs are one of my favorites, because they’re lightweight. You can throw them on, dress them up, dress them down…anything that’s versatile. That’s my kicker for spring.”

Fave Libation: “My drink of choice would probably be Belle Glos red wine, like the Pinot Noir. Liquor-wise, I guess there would just be a vodka-water – something skinny – anything skinny. The skinner, the better!”

Fave “Where To Drink” Destination:
“I’m just recently coming to L.A., so I haven’t made the full-blown move, but from what I’ve seen so far – this is not upper-class or crazy fancy – but I love that Pink Taco place. We don’t have those on the East Coast and I think they’re so fun. They’re so L.A. to me – fun, fresh, new – I just love it. We were there today, we went somewhere yesterday…There’s so many cool things here. I can’t wait to try them all. It’ going to take me quite a long time!”

Marcus Shirock
Actor and Director; Currently working on Warriors and Beasts (“300 meets Lord of the Rings meets Gladiators,” Shirock says) and The Gold Rush Boogie (“Godfather meets Boogie Nights meets old Chinese movie,” he says)

Fave Spring Piece:
“Well look at me [laughs].”

Fave Libation: “I’m a man. I like whiskey if I’m going to drink. I’d go for some Jack [Daniels whiskey] and Coke. I like a little sweet. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

Fave “Where To Drink” Destination: “Actually I do have a couple of favorite restaurants. One of my favorite, favorites is – it’s been around since 1972 and before that, it was around since the early ‘50s – it’s where Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio first met and had their first date. It’s called the Rainbow now, and it’s up on Sunset. That’s my best place, then my second place is Boa…Café Primo for a nice coffee. And for a good burger, Five Guys.”

Paul Coy Allen
Executive Producer of R&B Divas Season Two, R&B Divas L.A. and an upcoming television show with Destiny Child’s Michelle Williams.

Fave Spring Piece: “I’m a Claiborne, Donna Karen type guy. That’s my vibe. I’m definitely more into the jackets. I don’t do the tie as much, because of the weather; maybe more in the winter, I’d throw on a tie.”

Fave Libation:
“Grand Marnier. They had a brand NAVAN that was just discontinued that I was really into. Cognac is my drink.”

Fave “Where To Drink” Destination: “Katana. That’s where you’ll mostly find me.”

Fallen Riviera
Newly released album, Another World; newly released Those Times are Gone music video; upcoming spring and summer tours

Fave Spring Piece seen while on tour:
Steve Ornest (far left, guitar): “I’ll tell you – the thing that intrigued me the most actually was the fashion in Portland, just because I’ve never been there before. I mean, it’s a city where it rains all the time and people are so fashionable. It’s something that’s outrageous.”

Will Parry (middle, vocals, piano): “I would agree. I’m English, so I love being in a coat. I wore one tonight [laughs].”

Fave Libation:
Steve Ornest: “We love scotch.”

Matthew Denis (far right, bass): “I’m a scotch man for sure.”

Fave “Where To Drink” Destination:
Matthew: “I’m kind of a fan of Toi. I like that place. It’s got that rock vibe and it’s pretty good food, too. And they have a great beverage menu.”

Hermione Way
Bravo TV Journalist
Fave Spring Piece: “I’m into my watch. I think it’s interesting because we don’t need watches anymore because we all carry iPhones. But I still think you should always wear a watch. It looks classy.”

Fave Libation: “I’d drink everything. Anything. Beer, whiskey, wine…give me them all. Seriously.”

Fave “Where To Drink” Destination: “I gotta say Chateau Marmont, just because everyone says it, but also because I just moved here [from San Francisco]. I’ve been there for a couple of meetings, so it’s really nice.”

Fave San Francisco “Where To Drink” Destination: “I like Twenty Five Lusk. It’s a really nice bar.”

** Photo credits: Tulani Watkins.
Interviews have been condensed and edited for length purposes.

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