Friday, September 6, 2013

Where To Drink: The Daily Happy Hour @ Kay ‘n Dave’s

The Drinks: Twists on Latin libations

The Location: Culver City

The Vibes: Casual bar scene

Good for: Creative cocktails and shots

When-To-Go: Happy hour is 4-7 p.m., every day

Alone or with one other person; not accommodating for large groups—there’s not enough tables or space for more than four in your party

The $ Factor: $; $3 well drinks, sangria, select shots, draft beers and house margaritas; $4 house wines, select shots and Mezcal margaritas

The 4-1-1: While there’s an outdoor patio and quite an expansive dining room, happy hour is only in the bar area, which can fill up—and stay filled up---very quickly

I’ll Be Back…: For their rotating specialty shots, like the mango paleta Mezcal shot, pictured above 

A while back I posted about one of my go-to happy hour spots on the Eastside, at Spring Street Bar. So I thought it only made sense to post about one of my go-to daily happy hour spots on the Westside: Kay ‘n Dave’s Cantina.

As a hip yet still casual restaurant in downtown Culver City, it specializes in food that's traditionally Mexican, but that also feels very Californian—think of a healthier approach to cooking time-honored Oaxacan recipes that are garnished with tons of fresh and colorful vegetables.

And just as equally important, the cantina has skillful bartenders, who whip out incredible cocktails and shots.

The best time to try these libations is during the afternoon happy hour, when everything is steeply discounted. While you can never go wrong with a $3 margarita, I’d kick it up a notch and splurge on the $4 Mezcal margarita, which has a rich, smoky flavor to it. Or, I’d order one of my favorites, the $4 Watermelon shot, pictured at the bottom right. It’s a frothy, chilled blend of watermelon and tequila, better to slowly sip than to take to the head. The sangria, pictured on the far left, is always a winner, too, as a light and refreshing beverage that’s perfect for the summer, or even autumn. Choose from either red or white.

I’m also a fan of the happy hour appetizers, both for their inexpensive $3-$5 price range and for how delicious they are. Another added bonus: they’re easy to share. My favorites include the mini chicken mole burritos (pictured below) and the BBQ chicken wings. In my opinion, they’re both the most filling and also the most flavorful off the menu. The wings have this tangy/spicy sauce on them, and they’re juicy and succulent. The mini burritos are lightly fried and stuffed with chicken and rice, topped with a subtle mole sauce. Can’t go wrong with these two.

So the next you find yourself in Culver City, looking for a happy hour on any day that ends in “-day,” head to Kay ‘n Dave’s for satisfactory Mexican snacks and fantastic cocktails.

See you there soon!

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  1. Definitely a place I have to go to when I visit. The food and drinks look amazing. I can only imagine how they taste.

  2. Seriously, you can never go wrong with a $3 margarita. As of lately me & my boyfriend have been going crazy over our own homemade Mexican food. We are getting ourselves ready for the day we come to Cali. We plan to go hard. Definitely subscribing to your blog! Showing some BLM Girls love as well! :)