Friday, October 24, 2014

And Where Do You “Where To?”: Recording Artist Erica Campbell

At the Grand Opening of celebrity stylist Goo-Goo Atkins’ showroom The Style Suite last week, I caught up with the legendary, award-winning singer, Erica Campbell.

As half of the powerhouse duo Mary Mary, Erica Campbell has been on the scene, changing the face of gospel music—and music in general—for more than 15 years. In particular, 2014 has also been an extremely exciting and busy year for her, with the March debut of her first solo album Help, the continuation of her successful reality show Mary Mary and performances in multiple cities, worldwide.

And now this fall, she’s revealed her latest venture: a nail polish line, EC x CC!

During our talk at the showroom's opening event, Erica shared with me more about her new line, her business ventures and of course, where she "where to's" in Los Angeles. Read more below!

WilsonsGuide: What was the inspiration behind this launch? Why now?
Erica Campbell: I love nail polish. I get my nails done all the time. I have two daughters and seven sisters. So nail polish is always somewhere in my house. It’s something that I love. And, I think it’s great for a mom, a woman, a college student—whoever—to have a little glamour in a bottle of your own, as opposed to going to the [nail] shop, looking on the walls and sometimes what we’re looking for is not there. Take your own color—you know exactly what you’re getting. You know there’s nail thinner in it, you know that it won’t crack, that it’s going to polish, that it’s a good product. I love to offer good product, whether it’s nail polish or music.

WilsonsGuide: Do you have a favorite color?
Erica Campbell: That’s so hard—that’s not easy at all! Today I’m wearing hot pink. I do like the blue, and the lime…and the red…and the nude. I like them all (laughs)!

WilsonsGuide: I want to ask you another hard question: because you’re in a lot of different professional ventures—you sing, you have this new line, you have a reality show—is there one business venture that is closer to your heart than another?
Erica Campbell: The closest thing to my heart is my kids and making sure that I leave a legacy for them. That I teach them how to be responsible; that I let them know that you can work and be successful and still be a loving mom and nurture them. That’s what’s most important.

The music I would say, because it’s ministry. It is not just me being fabulous. It’s about inspiration. It’s about motivating people and letting them know that there is an answer, that there is help and that there is hope and you’re not in it alone. That part of the music is really what I love the most. When I know I’m touching lives and changing lives, that’s the most important thing.

    Pictured: Goo-Goo Atkins and Erica Campbell, at The Style Suite Showroom Grand Opening

WilsonsGuide: My blog is all about where to eat, drink and be merry in Los Angeles, so do you have a favorite restaurant, or favorite lounge or anywhere you like to go?
Erica Campbell: I love Katana. It’s seriously one of our faves, but I could also do Wokcano. But I’m a real L.A. girl, so you got to include Roscoe’s in there, too. I just mix it up! I’m a little high end—I could do Crustacean, but I could do Roscoe’s. I could go any way (laughs).

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Pictured: Erica Campbell with models at The Style Suite Showroom Grand Opening

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