Thursday, November 27, 2014

And Where Do You “Where To?”: 4th Annual Thanksgiving Edition

Every year when Thanksgiving rolls around, I turn my blog platform over to my fellow bloggers, writers and industry folks to share their favorite destinations—the places they’re “thankful” for—in a very special #WilsonsGuide Thanksgiving Edition post!

I love this because I—along with you—get to see where other L.A. city experts like to “eat, drink and be merry,” so we can add even more fantastic new places to our ever-growing list of spots to check out in the city.

This year, I reached out to both old and new friends; food bloggers, actors and PR mavens; those who have been born and raised right here in L.A. and those who are transplants, to get their top, favorite dining and social destinations in Los Angeles. Their answers are diverse, ranging from intimate cafes to outdoor parks and everything in between, but they are all most certainly spectacular picks worth mentioning.

Check out their recommendations below and see where you’ve already been, or need to go next. And don’t forget to stop by their blogs as well!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tipple & Brine has my heart right now thanks to $1 oysters on Monday nights. If you're an oyster fan, order at least a dozen of the day's catch for yourself. Don't forget to snag an oyster luge as well! You'll get an oyster and a shot of Bowmore scotch. Sip a little brine, sip half of the scotch. Eat the oyster, and pour the remaining scotch into the oyster shell. Shoot it back, and you're luging baby.”

Hotel Cafe is a great place to enjoy good live music any night of the week. Tickets are less than $20, the space is intimate, and it's a great place to see up and coming musicians.” 

“I love good Italian food and I love the beach. No better place to combine the two then by visiting C&O's in Marina Del Rey. The garlic rolls they serve before your main course are a problem! And by problem, I mean Excellent! Don't say I didn't warn you.”  

 “I'm thankful for Angelini Osteria because it is a restaurant that welcomes everyone as they are: young and old, casual and formal, occasional foodie and Italian dining expert. It's that kind of place that makes you feel right at home and the food is always superb! We always leave thinking 'we need to come back soon!' with full bellies and visions of fabulous homemade pastas, beautiful entrees, and impeccable desserts dancing in our minds.”

“Hands down: Griffith Park. It's the perfect location for an easy to moderate hike but the best part is when you get to the top, you can reward yourself with Lucky Charm Rice Crispie treats from the Griffith Observatory Cafe! During various times of year, Griffith is home to a diversity of events including live outdoor stage plays and haunted hayrides. It's also one of the first places I visited when making my decision to move to LA. Sitting on the ledge of one of the Observatory walls, looking over this amazing city, I knew LA was where I was supposed to be.”

Kelly Page of Tasting Page says:
“I’m so thankful for the focus on farm fresh food in Los Angeles. I love the new attention to elevating vegetables from high end chef’s like Roy Choi at Commissary and Phillip Lee at The Gadarene Swine. It’s possible to have a fabulous gourmet meal in LA without eating any processed food!”

Kokekokko loosely translates to cock-a-doodle-doo in Japanese. Kokekokko in LA has a lot to crow about. Their yakitori chicken (charcoal grilled chicken on a stick) has been declared by many Japanese as the best in the world! I'm very grateful to have enjoyed the succulent skewered chicken prepared by Master Chef Tomohiro Sakata many times. Note: You may have to take a stroll around Little Tokyo before a seat opens up at this popular-with-Japanese restaurant.” Check out The Ninja Baker's YouTube Interview with Master Chef Tomohiro Sakata of Kokekokko here!

“I love meeting my friends at the Pedalers Fork [Calabasas, CA]. It has a fantastic, low key vibe for breakfast, lunch and dinner! The seasonal menu revolves around the locally sourced food, and usually from the farmers that set up at the farmers market right next door! Try to get a seat on the patio to get the full Old Town Calabasas ambiance of running creek and old, wooden buildings. This is truly the place to hang out in the west end of the Valley.”

“I'm thankful for Orleans & York in LA on Slauson Ave. As a New Orleans native, it's hard to find seafood better than my own. So I was initially skeptical but their shrimp po-boy and fries is awesome!” 

Share what places you're "thankful" for this Thanksgiving season in the comments below!

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