Friday, August 28, 2015

Wilson’s Words of Wisdom: Follow #WilsonsGuide on BlogLovin’

I’m really not one to self-promote, save for a shameless plug every blue moon.

However, I’m making an exception this one time.

Here’s why: Recently, I discovered a really cool website called Blog Lovin, that enables you to consolidate all of the blogs you love into one portal. When you create your own free account, you can  "follow" blogs you read regularly, get their latest posts in one location, share your fave posts on various social media sites and save posts for your future reading pleasure as well.

Check out Blog Lovin here and don’t forget to follow this lovely #WilsonsGuide blog on there as well.

Also, since we’re at it, feel free to follow @WilsonsGuide on any of the following fine and dandy social media platforms:

See around the world wide web soon!

For more information: 

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