Monday, November 23, 2015

And Where Do You “Where To?”: 5th Annual Thanksgiving Edition

In usual fashion as I do every fall, I'm stepping down as the main writer of my blog and turning it over to other tastemakers, to share where they "eat, drink and are merry" throughout Los Angeles.

I love doing this, because by reading their selections, I'm always inspired to try somewhere new or, I get affirmation that I'm going to all the right places.

For this time around, I spoke with several friends, folks I've met this year and professionals who are part of a phenomenal networking group that I'm in, called We Are The Industry. The group has been around since 2007 and was formed to "encourage, promote, and support young, diverse, creative minds behind TV & film primarily in Los Angeles."

Read on to hear what everyone's top picks are, and of course, have a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday.

“I live in Koreatown and there's no shortage of good places and hidden gems, from the chic to the unassuming. I recently discovered the brick and mortar store of the Chinese/Korean fusion food truck The Bun Shop (151 N. Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004). Choose a bun (or 3) and a topping of your choice (the Kalbi -- which is beef, tempura onion, mixed greens and a spicy aioli -- is hands down the best). My personal favorite sides are the Ba'Corn Cheese (a shareable heaping of corn, bacon, mozarella cheese, jalapenos and scallions), Citrus Edamame or the fries (garlic/rosemary Shop Fries or brown sugar/paprika Sweet Potato fries with a honey cream sauce). Don't be cute and try to pass on dessert. You MUST save room for the Deep Fried Oreos with green tea ice cream, whipped cream, and a caramel drizzle. There's 4 there, so you can split your shame. Chill vibe, not too crowded, golden-era hip-hop playlist complimented by a great staff make this a must stop for a chic but cost-friendly beer/wine happy hour, date night, meeting spot, or pre-game for a night out.”

“My favorite social destination(s) would have to be: Bossa Nova, Swingers and Jazz Night at the W Hollywood Hotel. I've always enjoyed eating at both Bossa Nova and Swingers because they hold sentimental value for me and no matter what, the food never disappoints. Although, I rarely ever experience a new dish! At Bossa Nova my favorite dish is the Blacken Chicken and at Swingers I love their Peach Cobbler a la mode.”

“Sweet Serenity is what comes to mind every time I make it to the top of Runyon Canyon. The canyon is one of my favorite places in LA. People and pets from all walks of life enjoy the beauty of nature, the camaraderie of other fellow hikers, and the nearly 360-degree view of all of Los Angeles County. It is a delightful scene that everyone should experience.”

“My favorite place to have a great time is District 13 in Hollywood. I not only love this secret hideout because it makes me feel like Katniss Everdeen, but I also love it for the gastro atmosphere. If you are a fan of beer, this place is definitely for you as they have a giant selection! And even if you don't like beer, you'll want to just hang out there for the décor, vibes and feel.”

“My favorite place in LA to eat is Palms Thai on Hollywood. It's my favorite spot because it's always good. They always deliver. The vibe is not super trendy or catering to any specific young demographic. It actually has a real family vibe, like a Thai Golden Corral. But their food is bomb, I can eat there every day of the week.”

“One of my favorite places in LA is the Hollywood Walk of Fame because it gives me hope that one day I can be a legend. Every star that is on the ground is known for GREATNESS and that’s what I’m striving for. It inspires people from different walks of life to keep the faith, to keep working hard and to see that any race can make it in Hollywood. Whether that is a writer, director, actress or producer, there is a star on the ground waiting for your name to be on it. You just have to reach out for it, grab it and claim what's yours!”

*LWOO = Lauren Ward Overcoming Obstacles & Loving Women Openly and Optimistically

“One of my favorite LA places is Perch in Downtown L.A. I like this because of their great cocktails and roof top bar. This is a great place to unwind with friends.”

“As an Advocate and Public Speaker, I like to clear my mind with an occasional hike. One of the coolest spots to hike is the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, located at 6300 Hetzler Rd., Culver City, CA 90232. I like to come here, because its steep staircase hike and winded dirt trail give you just the right amount of challenge to break a sweat, but are easy enough to complete with friends, family and even kids. As a bonus, once you reach the Scenic Overlook, there is a small Nature and Culture Heritage center open free of charge to the public.”

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  1. Really enjoying these suggested locations. Will be sure to check them all out while in Los Angeles!