Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Where to Eat + Drink: The Lucky 7 Happy Hour @ Yamashiro Hollywood

The Eats + Drinks: Six starters, four sushi options and four cocktails — all $7.

The Location: Hollywood

The Vibes: Al Fresco

Good for: Dates, groups (large and small), alone

When-To-Go: Happy hour is 5 – 8 p.m., Friday, Saturday and Sunday

The $$ Factor: Everything is $7!

The Names behind the scenes: Executive Chef Christophe Bonnegrace

The 4-1-1: Yamashiro has been around for 100+ years, originally constructed as a private residence. It’s subsequently been a brothel, a boarding house, a cocktail lounge and an apartment complex. It opened as a restaurant in the ‘60s, which it's been ever since. In June 2016, it fell under new ownership — the JE Group — and new operators, BNG Group and Sugar Factory.

Parking Situation: $10 valet parking only

I’ll Be Back…: For the Ahi Poke and the Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice! 

The Yamashiro Hollywood happy hour first debuted back in 2012, and yours truly was there to get all of the deets about it. 

I remember being so pleasantly surprised and excited when it launched, because it was the first time that this super exclusively elite restaurant — elevated high above in the Hollywood Hills — was offering discounted access.

Now, four years later, under new ownership, new management and a new chef, Yamashiro continues the happy hour tradition — this time with a few modifications. Coined the “Lucky 7 Happy Hour,” it has new food options, new cocktails and even a new location. Where the old happy hour was held on an enclosed patio in the restaurant’s main structure, this all new happy hour takes place on the remodeled Pagoda Bar, pictured below, an outdoor area a few steps away from the main restaurant.

To get to the Pagoda Bar area, walk down a few short (and slightly steep) flights of stairs.

Nestled directly into the hills, the space boasts killer views of the city — views that stretch as far east as downtown, include all of Hollywood and wrap out west to the Pacific Ocean. The happy hour timing – between 5 – 8 p.m. — is absolutely on point, because you get to see the sky turn an array of colors, from bright blue, to streaks of purple and gold during sunset. There’s also tons of hanging lights to illuminate the area, once the sun dips down for the day.

Aside from breathtaking views, Yamashiro’s Lucky 7 Happy Hour highlights the restaurant’s Asian-fusion cuisine, with a heavy emphasis on seafood (seven of the ten appetizers are seafood; the remaining three options are pork, chicken and vegetarian). Most of the menu items are new creations from Chef Christophe Bonnegrac. The only one that Bonnegrac hasn’t changed is the Truffle Hamachi, pictured below. It features super thick cuts of Japanese amberjack, with a truffle-infused ponzu sauce and a tomato-garlic confit.

Out of the six items I tried, I had three favorites. The first was the Reclining Buddha, a very light and refreshing sushi roll. Shrimp, crispy cabbage and cilantro are all packed tightly into a soy paper wrap. A spicy ponzu sauce with minced peanuts accompanies the cut rolls, adding a tangy flavor.

The Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice is a must for anyone who generally loves this specialty appetizer. Generous portions of a spicy tuna mixture are piled high on top of a bed of very crunchy rice. It comes with six large pieces.

The Ahi Poke features a large chunks of tuna stacked into a round cylinder, surrounded by chips and a sweet medley of mangos, pineapples and wakami seaweed. The seaweed medley isn’t just for show; it adds a refreshing, colorful flavor to the tuna, which itself is also delightful.

A bar is conveniently located to the side of the Pagoda patio, serving up four happy hour cocktails, beer and wines (red, white and Prosecco). I tried all four cocktails — hey, someone had to do it — which are all on the sweeter side.

The 100 Year Mai Tai was probably my favorite. It's a twist on what’s been a Yamashiro staple for years. potently mixing rum, lime juice and a “secret” ingredient.

The Kyoto Berry Tini is a summery version of a martini, with citrus vodka and raspberries.

There's also the Japanese Slipper is an electric blend of Midori, Cointreau, agave nectar and lemon juice, and the Geisha Girl, which is so decadent and over-the-top that it feels more like a dessert. Hints of raspberry are layered between a thick, syrupy concoction of Kahlua, Bailey’s and cream. And, whipped cream tops it all off.

Aside from The Lucky 7 Happy Hour, more new upgrades will be happening at Yamashiro under the new ownership and management, including the addition of a sushi bar, robata and teppanyaki grills, and dining deals with the nearby Hollywood Bowl. And, old favorites will return, like a weekly farmer’s market. In the meantime, whenever you’re looking for a happy hour with incredible views, great Asian-fusion apps and cocktails, head over to Yamashiro.

See you there soon!

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