Monday, October 3, 2016

Where to Eat: Brunching @ The Chicken or the Egg

The Eats: A menu comprising mainly of — you guessed it — chicken and eggs.

The Location: Playa Vista

The Vibes: Chill, casual, quick

Good for: Alone, groups, families

When-To-Go: Weekdays, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.; weekends, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The $$ Factor: Average price for an entrée, $10

The Names behind the scenes: Hunter Pritchett, partner and head chef

The 4-1-1: No alcohol served here, but there’s a decent selection of regular beverages, such as strawberry lemonade and flavored iced teas.

Parking Situation: Nearby free street parking

I’ll Be Back…: To try all of the sides!

There’s a brand new restaurant in Playa Vista.

The Chicken or the Egg opened recently, and by recently, I mean this past weekend!

In honor of its grand debut, the eatery offered a “buy one entrée and enjoy a second entrée free” promo on Saturday and Sunday. I was down there with the quickness, bringing me, my very large appetite and a good friend down to check everything out.

The concept is simple; offer up a ton of dishes, featuring organic, cage-free chicken and eggs, with locally sourced ingredients and highly creative culinary inventions (like butternut squash sage gravy).

Egg entrees — five in total — are accompanied by breakfast staples like bacon or chicken-apple sausage, or by American faves, like grilled steak. My friend and I tried the Smoked Salmon & Avocado Toast, a very filling option piled high with flaky salmon, pickled onions and a vegan turmeric hollandaise, all topped with a poached egg and on a slice of crunchy whole wheat toast. So good!

The chicken is either crispy or grilled, depending on which of the five sandwiches you select. Get your chicken in a BLT with maple glazed bacon, accompanied by sunny side up eggs in the Country Fried Chicken entrée, or, perhaps tossed in a honey sriracha remoulade featured in “The Reason the Road was Crossed.” There’s even the Crispy Chicken Bucket, although it technically is a basket, not a bucket. It comes with two or four pieces of chicken — a mix of dark and white meat — and one side.

Speaking of sides, they sound pretty intriguing, too. I literally want to come back, just to try all of them. Items like the sweet potato waffle fries and buffalo cauliflower surely caught my attention. But for the time being, I settled on the maple brussel sprouts, which were amazing; subtly sweet and slightly wilted.

The same menu is available all day, so you can literally get your fix on chicken and eggs, for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I’ll lastly comment on the décor, which seems to go for the nature-meets-industrial theme. Bright metal stools and stark white tables harmoniously cohabite with brown oversized leather couches, large green trees and earthy wooden paneling. A few outdoor tables are also available. 

As Playa Vista — or “Silicon Beach” as they’re coining it these days — continues to thrive, especially with Google planning to move in soon, I can totally see The Chicken or the Egg as a great lunch option for the thousands of millennials working nearby. It’s fast food, but still high quality and definitely not boring or bland. I wouldn’t consider this place a “drive-to” destination, but it’s totally worth it if you’re already in the area. So the next time you’re nearby and craving some organic, cage-free deliciousness, you know where to turn.

See you there soon!

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