Monday, March 30, 2020

Wilson's Words of Wisdom: Celebrating a decade of blogging

March always marks the #WilsonsGuide blog anniversary.
And this time around, 2020 commemorates a noteworthy milestone for me:
a full 10 years in this blogging game. 

Not surprisingly though, I'm finding myself having a solemnly quiet celebration. 

This particular anniversary comes in the midst of a global pandemic — the COVID-19 pandemic. Being in this outbreak for the past few weeks has caused me to pause my writings and contemplate exactly how I'll continue in the midst of — and after — this health scare is over (hopefully soon). 

While I knew that wining and dining and traveling were passions of mine, I never really knew how ingrained into my life they were, until they abruptly came to a sudden halt. As much as I enjoy cooking in the comforts of my own kitchen and exploring my little neighborhood in my spare time, I've come to the realization of how much I thrive being in the throes of the culinary scene or off to another adventure as well...

I've also realized that it's so much fun to bask in a swanky lounge's incredible ambiance, catching up with friends and loved ones ...

... and it's a welcomed relief to sip meticulously made cocktails at a neighborhood bar, on a Friday evening after a long week ...

... and that I've delighted in learning about new cultures by exploring different cuisines at one-of-a-kind eateries ...

... and, that I've been inspired by the chefs and teams who have poured their hearts and countless of hours of hard work into masterpieces that we call appetizers and entrees and desserts ...

Clockwise top left: Hotville Chicken owner Kim Prince; Chef Megan Marlow; Chef Michelangelo “Miguel” Aliaga and Eko Kitchen owner Simileoluwa "Simi" Adebajo

... and finally, that traveling always widens my view of the world and my unique but connected place within it.

But more than anything, I also think about how many making a living in the culinary and travel industries have been hit by sudden business closures due to shelter-in-place orders everywhere. True, these all-new limited operations are for a good cause — to help prevent COVID-19's spread — but I can't help but wonder what the potential short- (and long-) term negative impacts for the millions of culinary and travel professionals around the world may be.

I pray for resiliency and I'll continue to do my part to help support the industry that has given so much to me over the past 10 years. As I think back to that first post that started the #WilsonsGuide Blog back March 1, 2010, I'm grateful that I’ve been blessed to experience more highs than lows on this blogging journey, even while in the midst of a tough low like right now. 

Since I've made it this far, my wish is simple but more meaningful than I ever could've imagined it would be: that we'll have the culinary and travel scenes around for ten more years (and definitely many, many more) to enjoy.

So in closing, I hope you'll join me in raising a glass, in the comforts of your home of course, and making a toast, to celebrate 10 years of the #WilsonsGuide Blog and defeating COVID-19 soon!